My step-by-step guide to landing pages that convert6

My step-by-step guide to landing pages that convert6

Let’s start above the fold. To quote Donald Miller, a caveman should be able to glance at it and immediately grunt back what you offer. Here’s my formula:

1/ Explain the value you provide (title)

2/ Explain how you’ll create it (subtitle)

3/ Let the user visualise it (visual)

4/ Make it believable (social proof)

5/ Make taking the next step easy (CTA)

My landing page formula

1/ Title

There’s one hundred ways to write a great title. I’m going to focus on three.

1/ Explain what you do

When your product is unique all you have to do is explain what you do as simply as possible.

Copywriting fundementals

2/ Hooks

Most products aren’t unique. So a hook adds oomph. The easiest way to write hooks is to address your customer’s biggest objection.

How to write hooks copywriting

3/ Own your niche

Some startups transcend hooks. Another pattern is to own your niche in one line. Write with conviction. You’re THE solution.

Copywriting examples

2/ Subtitle

Subtitles are where you get specific. Introduce the product. Explain how it creates the value in your title.

How to write a subtitle

3/ Visual

Show off your product in all its glory. The goal is to get as close to reality as possible.

Don’t show me fancy illustrations. Show me your product. Or even better, your product in action.

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